Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the Sewing Room

So, we bought a new house back in September (with so much space I can almost do my "The Hills Are Alive" imitation of Julie Andrews without falling down the stairs), and the would-be media room has been designated as my official sewing/crafting room . . . at least until the boys are old enough to demand use in its intended purpose. Right now, the sewing table has been relegated to one corner of the room, surrounded by boxes and play areas for both boys in the hopes I might actually get a little time during the day to sew (I know I'm dreaming, but a gal's entitled to have dreams). In an effort to force myself to find a little "me" time and dust off the sewing machine, my dear friend Robin (who sadly lives too too far away) has agreed to do a virtual quilt-along with me. We're quilting along with the Oh, Fransson followers on her Paintbox project although we're just using fabric we love, not sticking with her color theme. We're shooting right now to finish cutting this weekend, then tackle 10 squares a week, hoping to finish along with the other guys. Here's hoping for a miracle! Oh, and here's the fabric I'm using . . . it's Eva by Moda . . .

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