Sunday, January 31, 2010

In the Sewing Room - Paintbox Quilt-Along

I decided to make a subtitle for my "Sewing Room" posts on the off chance I actually have time to work on more than one project. I've finished 12 blocks for week two, for a total of 24. Based on the plan Robin and I agreed to, I only need to complete ten blocks a week; with all the unexpected distractions the last couple of weeks with sick babies and kitties, I've learned it's probably better to be a little ahead. In addition to being a little ahead of the game, I think the blocks ARE getting a little more square, so maybe a good portion of the 80 blocks will be straight. The colors on the project are great . . . might just have to keep this one for myself!

1 comment:

Robin said...

Sigh... once again, I am behind. Gah! Hopefully tomorrow, during preschool time, I can catch back up. Your blocks are beautiful-- they are so your colors! Definitely-- this should be a quilt for you!!