Monday, May 17, 2010

Cue the theme to "2001 - A Space Odyssey" . . .

Another product of a productive "quilty" weekend is an unfinished project from over 5 years ago . . . this queen-size blooming nine-patch . . . and I shall name her "Sunset." :-)  I'm taking a photo now of the top because who knows when I'll find the courage (and, truth be told, the capability) of quilting this puppy, but I'm so happy to have this one done. It survived being moved several times (and I even managed to find all the pieces) and came together in all the glory I thought it would. My friend Robin helped me choose these fabrics (my first batiks), back when she was in Texas and teaching me the craft, so I'll think about her whenever I look at it. Thank you, Robin, and another big YAY for me!

On another note, I also managed to get all the fabric cut and laid out for the Baby Flynn quilt, but I'm unhappy with one of my fabric selections and will remedy that before posting any teaser photos (since I know Robin is one of the few readers I have :-)).

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