Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sigh, I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. As a mom, I really don't need much more guilt in my life, so hopefully anyone who reads the blog will forgive my absence of late. One of the reasons for the lack of posts is a painfully sad one - the loss of another kitty, Maggie. This one was my baby, born just a week after my husband and I were married almost 14 years ago. She'd been sick and was only hours/days away from kidney failure, so we had to do what was in her best interest and let her go before she was suffering. I really can't talk about her much yet; I'm still in denial about the fact that she's gone . . . still looking for her in our closets, where she spent most of the last few months, expecting her to be waiting on me outside the shower to have a little "shower water" refreshment, having her nuzzle my hand when I'm typing like I am right now. Maybe she'll get a post like Abby did sometime in the future, but for now, I can't even really look at pictures of her without breaking down.

On a much lighter and brighter note though, we were in a bit of a hurry to fill some of the "furry" void in our house pretty quickly, seeing our little Sue in need of a friend having lost both of her play buddies/snuggle mates in such a short time. So, we searched out a rescue organization, and left on Sunday hoping to adopt a sweet Russian Blue who was a young mother, recently playing mother to two kittens that weren't even her own; we thought she'd be a perfect fit for our family. Sometimes you can't plan it all out that way though, so we ended up bringing home not only the mother, Jemma, but also her son Ballou. They're both very fun to have around and are adjusting well to their new home. We're still working on the "kitty love" with Sue but feel confident they'll all be snuggled up on the bed together soon (except for Ballou, who will undoubtedly be playing with one of the others' tails!).

I've also decided to start looking for a job again, something temporary until my freelance business can get up and running, so I'm busy with resumes and applications and, more importantly, finding a perfect daycare for my baby. So the purpose of this post is, I suppose, to say I'm sorry for infrequent blogging, I'm busy (and will likely be so for the next 20 years), but I'll try to be more regular with my posts, okay?

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