Friday, February 12, 2010

A Martha Moment

I don't have them often, and they're definitely more like "moments" than long-term possessions of her creative spirit, but I got inspired Martha-Stewart-style to create these cute valentines for my son's school. (I must add as an aside I actually heard Ms. Stewart speak at a women's conference, and she came off as the most pretentious, full-of-herself person, so much so that people were actually leaving while she was speaking; I'm really very content being more like myself than Martha). Anywho . . . I was happy with the way they turned out, although what I thought was double-sided tape was actually removable double-sided tape, so there were some quick bandages made to our little robots before sending them off to school this morning. I also need to send a web-wide "thank you" to my hubby who was nice enough to help me finish these up last night, without complaining once :-). My son was excited to show his handiwork off at school this morning, so it was all worth it.

I do have to add a little dose of reality to interject into what would have otherwise been a perfect SAHM moment . . . during the assembly process, my son enjoyed one of the candy bar feet. He asked repeatedly whether he could have another piece of chocolate, and I reminded him that Mommy had very carefully purchased just enough chocolate (ensuring there would be no "encouragement" for Mommy's big behind too expand) and, anyway, it was almost dinner time. I stepped away from the crafting area to make a quick phone call and noted half-way through the conversation how patient my son (who normally would be repeatedly saying "Mama" or jumping up and down in order to get my attention refocused on him), was being at the craft table. "He's just so into making the valentines. Score one for Mom for choosing a successful, attention-holding project! What a precious angel my womb brought forth into the world." (You know where this is going already, don't you?) As I was hanging up the phone, I noticed the angel very responsibly throwing a large handful of trash into the garbage, and I once again awed at the perfection of the moment. I was about to praise him for his behavior when a chocolate-covered smile looked up at me from the trash-can, as if to say, "Why ever would you be looking at me that way, Mama?" I began to count was was indeed trash - empty candy bar wrappers - in the can only to discover he had eaten TEN. With stomach now full, the little angel chose to skip his dinner and drift off into a chocolate-induced coma guaranteed to produce sweet dreams. I know you're worried. There were no robot amputees . . . and, now that I think about it, I guess it still was a perfect SAHM moment, even though I'm sure Martha would not have approved . . .


Robin said...

LOL! That sounds like my boy! He has done the exact same thing. I'm glad to hear he's not alone. :)

And you were truly channeling Ms. Stewart on those Valentines... too cute!!!

Susan said...

The robots are so cute! I know the kids loved them and hopefully, you will never forget the chocolate smile looking up at you. It was a precious moment and easy to imagine how hard it would have been for him to control his desire for that candy! The smile must have been worth at the very least, oh, I don't know, maybe ten candy bars! Ya think!