Monday, February 22, 2010

Comfort Food

So, I made these last week in the worst of the throws of my illness, and they were a little better than regular oatmeal cookies because of the secret ingredient. Okay, the ingredient's NOT that secret, but it was a happy substitution I had to make for being out of pecans.  A few weeks ago, I was hurriedly pushing the buggy up and down the isles at the store with the big red dot and circle, with the name that rhymes with 'Flarget," doing one of the most forbidden activities in the shopping world - shopping while hungry. I managed to avoid most of the temptations, but I did swing by the "nut" isle looking for my dill pickle cashews, only to have my eye catch firmly (sounds painful doesn't it??) on the honey cinnamon almonds. THESE, my friends, are the secret ingredient in the oatmeal cookies. I adjusted the sugar a little to compensate for the sweet almonds, but the subtle bits of crunchy, cinnamon-coated almonds made these cookies the perfect calorie-free snack for me on what would have otherwise been a dumpy day . . . yeah, I said "calorie-free" because, like birthdays, calories don't count when you're sick, dammit! Oh, and Robin, I bet you can tell from the picture and my warm accompanying beverage who I'd like to be sharing them with! :-)


Susan said...

Cookies look great and the idea about the nut substitution is great. I just read a post on FB from a friend that roasted her own pimentos to make pimento cheese spread. I have to do that. You know how I just love that Southern specialty!

Robin said...

I've never even heard about honey cinnamon almonds. OMG. That sounds so good. These cookies sound so good. So much so, that I may even have to brave a trip to 'Flarget' to get some. (It's on the way home from Little Gym, you know!) :)

Missing you!!!