Friday, April 16, 2010


The Quilting Goddess, Robin, whom I've mentioned before is working on a Jane Stickle quilt that has over 200 blocks, or something ridiculous.  She posts a completed block on her blog every few days, and they're always so interesting to look at because each one is different, and many of them have very complex designs.  Having a long-term project like that to work on, with lots of "special" blocks has been something I've wanted to do since I first saw hers, so I've finally committed (and will hopefully not be committed to a psych ward by the time it's all over) to doing Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  It's a beautiful quilt, and only (and I'm choking at the "only") 140 blocks.  To start this endeavor, I did, of course, have to make a trip to the fabric store (only the very best thing in the world to do, provided you have some assistance with your 10-month old like I did).  Here's where we're starting:
I will undoubtedly have to add fabrics to meet the yardage requirements of this one, but the two on the bottom are my border/binding fabrics (which will also be used in some blocks), and the third one from the bottom is for my sashing, so I at least have those taken care of. I really can't wait to start on this project and am heading to the washing machine with the fabric right away. I hope you'll follow me on this challenging journey, since I know I'll need lots of support along the way. Hear that Robin??? I'm going to have you on speed dial!!! :-)

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